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Just joined :)
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Well hello new person, I salute you! Welcome! Oh and I love that picture... so ad-oooooorbale! like good ol' Carlos would have said it!
-alice xx
Well, thank you very much! Aaaw, yes, and I think good ol' Carlos has that picture but in a 39146234 bigger size taped up on the wall in his bedroom with duct tape

It sure wouldn't surprise me if he had, haha... and why of course with duct tape! Wouldn't have it any other way!
So you new to just this comm. or are you on albion_fic, albion_unbound, what_a_woman, the_libertines, etc, etc, etc?? =)
-alice xx
And that's not the only pictures he has of him... Just that the other pictures is in his locked, personal wardrobe. Exactly! Duct tape or nothing!

I'm new on this community and pretty new on the other communities too. Or... some of them I joined in january or something but albion_unbound and this community I joined just now. It's very typical me to start liking a band when they've already broken up *sigh* Other than that I'm on... every single The Libertines community (I think), haha. And DPT. what_a_woman is a big favourite :)
sorry for the late answer, been on holiday... =)

You should add me to your friendslist and I'll go add you too... it's always lovely talking to other libs fans... and don't worry about it... because i live in denmark i didn't even know the libs existed before the time they broke up... but then on the other hand i fell in love with them the moment i discovered them! and I've been ever since...

-alice xx
haha, no, it's okay :)

Yeah, sure :D I'll do that right now. i love to talk to other libertines fans too because the average of them is really, really nice :). I didn't know they existed before I saw the classical picture of Pete and Carlos (the one on the front of the second record) and thought 'mm, interesting...', haha. I can't help it really, I love slash. But of course that's not the only reason why I like them, the libertines music is... I can't even begin to describe it.
Haha, I'll take that as a compliment shall I? ;)

That's a pretty picture, I get why you would want to check it out. I found out about them because I saw a clip of Can't Stand Me now where Pete and Carl were micsharing, it was on like ten seconds and it wasn't mentioned who they were, but already then I think I was sort of obsessed.... that was the most intense ten seconds in my life hahah, so I went desperately trying to find out who they were... turned out though that it was a peace of cake, they were singing "can't stand me now, can't stand me now" in the clip I watched and what do you know, that was the song title... "The Libertines" I thought, and started downloading - for like a week I just listened to them before I started reading about them, and back in the days albion_fic was mentioned all around before the conservatives got to us so I found that immediately and started reading, few months later I joined... (hahah you just got my entire libs lifestory ;) :P haha well some of it anyway...)

Hey if you like i could help you get to some of the best fics on unbound, sometimes it can be a hassle to get them on your own. I don't have links though but I have all the stories saved on my laptop...

Yeah the music was what captured me first it just has "it" whatever "it" just might be! But of course being a libertines fan isn't just being a fan, we're more like a community of Libertiners, we think alike and like you said Libertines fans are fucking great people, never meet one shithead here!

-alice xx
Haha, yes ;) Where were you on holiday by the way? *wants to know everything*

It's always interesting to hear about how other people starts to like a band. And since you told me yours I'll tell you mine in better details, haha. If you want to know, that is.

Like I said, it all started when I was looking through a magazine and a big (I mean a whole page) size of said picture came up. I just stared at it and my friend was like 'Damn, I think we've got to start listen to this band.' and I just laughed and turned the page. I didn't take her comment that serious. But the words 'The Libertines' were stuck in my head, really. So I started to download songs, like you did. Or no, I think I actually started to download videos first because I wanted to see if I could catch some more... boy+boylove ;) I found some and after that I started to download a lots of songs. I can't say the music hit me like thunder after the first time I listened to them but... maybe two weeks after that I was completely, utterly lost :) Caught in the web, haha.
And... that's that ;)

Yes! I would really, really like that :) Sometimes it's hard to find good fanfics when they're already posted a while ago ^^

we're more like a community of Libertiners
Exactly! And it's not like if you say what you feel and think people are going to push you down to the bottom of the sea. Maybe question and start to discuss and disagree but I've never found anyone who is rude about it.

And... I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! You know, the whole Pete and Carlos 'reunion' thing :D Even if they might have a long way to go before they can call their problems solved it's :))... RAH! *dances*